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So having recently moved into a new role in I.T and taking on some challenging projects I've been doing what any self respecting I.T tech does - Googling for the answers I need!

Unfortunately, it's just not that easy. The amount of different 'tutorials', 'guides' and forum posts are a minefield in themselves. I found myself becoming increasingly frustrated for a number of reasons, here are but a few that maybe you can relate to;

  • Different 'Tutorials' / 'Guides' / Forum posts that are supposed to instruct on the same thing but seem to differ completely!
  • 'Tutorials' / 'Guides' that instruct but don't explain why
  • Skipped steps in 'Tutorials' / 'Guides' due to assumptions of my knowledge
  • Posts that are over 5 years old so are questionable as to how relevant they are
  • Or plain and simply don't make much sense!

Through much frustration I've finally accumulated the answers I need for the various projects I've been working on.
I hope for this blog to server 2 main purposes,
  1. To help provide some easy to understand, easy to follow, plain English instructions for anyone who is having the same problems that I've had in the past and save them from the frustrations I too had.
  2. To help cement what I've learnt into my own head and serve as a guide for myself in the future.

I intend to keep this blog updated as I battle through the Google mine field with any future discoveries I make. Feel free to correct me if I've made any mistakes.

And finally, I intend to credit original sources where I can, I've by no means figured these answers out without help and genuinely believe in credit where it is due. 

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