Thursday, 9 February 2012

APC UPS - Installing Network Management Card

Installing and Configuring NMC


The Device IP Configuration utility supplied by APC can also apply IP addresses to NMCs, however, this method is unreliable, often not finding NMCs and when it does, not always successfully applying the IP Address. The below steps cover how to configure the NMC IP address using the serial cable supplied with the card itself.

Step by Step:

  •          Remove all loads from the UPS.
  •          Turn off the UPS (Power button, front panel)
  •          Remove mains power from UPS
  •          Hold down power button (front panel) for 5 seconds to disconnect battery.
  •          Remove back panel where NMC is to be installed.
  •          Install NMC
  •          Plug UPS back into mains
  •          Connect Serial cable that came with NMC
  •          Attach to laptop
  •          Download and run PuTTY – Telnet Client (or any alternative)
  •          Connect with the following settings
    • Bits per second       9600
    • Data Bits                8
    • Parity                     None
    • Stop bits                1
    • Flow Control            None
  •          Connect and press enter until you are prompted for a username
    • Username: APC
    •   Password: APC
  •          Set IP Address using the following commands;
    • apc> tcpip -i yourIPaddress -s yourSubnetMask -g yourDefaultGateway
    • apc> reboot
apc> tcpip -i -s -g
apc> reboot

The NMC will now reboot and the IP address should be configured. To test, browse to the IP Address and see if the NMC web interface loads.


  1. I struggled to connect using these settings. I did not get a logon prompt, however when I changed the bits per second to 2400 I did.

  2. This was really helpful, thanks for posting!